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Cathy HontzGeisinger, Hyperbaric Safety Officer

Therapist - respiratory
Cathy HontzGeisinger's Background
I have been an RRT for 10 years and a CRT for 20 years, a CHT for about 9 years and a Safety Officer for the last 7 years. I received by BHCM from AIU online the year after I got my AA and challenged the National Respiratory Board for my RRT.

I have now written one CME on Emergencies and the roles of staff in Mono Place Hyperbaric Chambers and am currently working on one to cover Indications for HBOT.
I received today the approval for a retrospective look at "Use of Fluticasone and Oxymetazoline during Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to prevent barotrauma". This is a practice my office uses with all HBOT patients.

I want to educate the world on Respiratory and Hyperbarics.

Coming soon...
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