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Vanessa Y. Suzuki, Nutritionist, PhD candidate, MS

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Vanessa Y. Suzuki's Background
Nutritionist. PhD student and Master of Science, Federal University of Sao Paulo. Specialist in Clinical and Aesthetic Nutrition. Researcher and Consultant for Innovation and Health Marketing. Instructor of Mindfulness and Mindful eating. 

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  • How to Screen, Assess and Manage Nutrition in Patients with Wounds
    Nutrition plays a major role in wound healing. The main goal of nutrition in wound healing is to provide optimum calories and nutrition to support healing. [1][2] Deficiencies in protein, vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc have been demonstrated to impair wound healing, and are often present among patients with chronic wounds. This topic aims to provide practical guidance to support clinical decisions when screening, assessing and managing nutrition in patients with chronic wounds.
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