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Angie VanDonge, APRN, WCC

Nurse - APRN
Angie VanDonge's Background
I am certified Family Nurse Practitioner with 15 years of advanced practice experience with almost 4 years specializing in wound care. I received my wound care certification through WCC in May of 2016 and completed primary training in Hyperbaric Medicine, through the National Baromedical Services, in July of 2019. I am employed as a wound care Nurse Practitioner by Providence Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas. I currently care for patients in the clinic setting, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care facilities and assisted-living facilities. My philosophy in wound care is healing through a team approach, collaborating closely with primary care providers, vascular surgeons, general surgery and infectious disease.

About Providence Medical Center
Prime Healthcare Services owns acute care hospitals in California, Kansas, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Texas. PHS is ranked as one of the Top 15 United States Health Systems.

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