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Francois Burman, BSc Eng, MSc Medical Sciences, UHMSADS

Non-clinical consultants - strategy/operation/other
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WoundReference is the only decision support platform designed exclusively for wound care and hyperbaric oxygen clinicians. Our point-of-care tools enable clinicians to work more efficiently.

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  • Prohibited Item Risk Assessment
    Introduction Why should each hyperbaric unit have a prohibited items assessment/checklist? The unit safety program is the foundation of every hyperbaric medicine service. The safety program provides guidance in order to ensure that the risks and hazards associated with hyperbaric oxygen therapy are identified and eliminated. In certain circumstances, the risk can not be eliminated (e.g., removing a wound care product), and mitigating measures must be taken to reduce the risk potentia
  • How to Assess HBOT Prohibited Items: The Go/No-Go Risk Assessment Tool And The Burman Scoring System
    The NFPA recommends that hyperbaric facilities utilize the NFPA Risk Assessment Algorithm for assessment of dressings and items that have not been evaluated or deemed safe for use in the hyperbaric chamber. However, several challenges (as described above) prevent widespread use of the NFPA Risk Assessment Algorithm. The Go No-Go Risk Assessment Tool combines the NFPA Risk Assessment Algorithm and the Burman Risk Scoring System. This combination of the two approaches and a user friendly digital interface provide the hyperbaric facility with a robust go/ no-go documentation and risk mitigation tool. This topic provides step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this risk assessment process.
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