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Bio Compression Sequencial Circulator, Model SC-2004-OC, 4 chamber system

Bio Compression Sequencial Circulator, Model SC-2004-OC, 4 chamber system is a dynamic, gradient, sequential, pneumatic compression device.

INTENDED USES: Intended for the primary or adjunctive treatment of primary or secondary Lymphedema. Used for the treatment of chronic venous stasis ulcers and associated venous insufficiency, as well as general treatment of swelling of the extremities.

CLAIMED FEATURES: 4 chamber system, Non-peristaltic, Moves fluid distal to proximal, Gradient, sequential pressure, Unilateral or bilateral use, Slim and light design, Very quiet, User Friendly

Product Information

Compression is one of the main pillars in the treatment of venous leg ulcers. Dynamic compression, also known as Intermittent pneumatic compression or IPC, is one method of compression. The dynamic compression devices have chambers that inflate and deflate separately. The sequential inflation and deflation of the chambers creates pressure on different areas of the leg at different intervals of time, mimicking the effect and benefits of walking (calf muscle pump). It might be useful for patients with reduced mobility or weakness of the calf muscle

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Is it covered by Medicare Part B?

Pneumatic compression devices are covered by Medicare for treatment of persons with chronic venous insufficiency with venous leg ulcer (venous stasis ulcer) or primary and secondary chronic and severe lymphedema, when other forms of conservative treatment have been adequately used for specific periods of time as determined by Medicare and have failed to provide desired outcomes. Depending on the device or on the specific case, these devices may be rented or purchased. 

Local Coverage Determination for Pneumatic Compression Devices (L33829) . 

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If you have coverage through Medicare Part B, you may be eligible to have this product covered by Medicare. You will need a written order prescribed by a provider enrolled in Medicare, so that you can purchase this product at a Durable Medical Equipment store that accepts Medicare. You will need to pay deductibles and co-payment. The actual co-payment amount varies according to your state. If you do not have Medicare Part B or your condition does not meet the requirements needed for coverage, you can find this product at pharmacies and medical supply stores. When available, please see pricing in "Other Stores" below.

The table below shows highest and lowest Medicare pricing across the country
DescriptionMedicare DME co-payment Min / Max
Pneumatic compressor, segmental home model without calibrated gradient pressure $191.01 / $224.72
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