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Debrisoft® Lolly: 10 x 10 cm

Debrisoft Lolly is a debridement fiber. INTENDED USES: For the debridement of deep wounds, including those resulting from invasive surgery. Removes debris and exudate from wounds, as well as skin flakes and keratosis from the skin surrounding the wound. CLAIMED FEATURES: Patented high tech polyester fibres. The break-resistant polypropylene handle makes it easy to access deep wounds, including surgically invasive and hard-to-reach wound sites. The soft fibre composite means this product is very comfortable for users and low-pain for patients. OPTIONS: 10 x 10 cm

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Debridement is important to promote wound healing. Debridement is the process through which clinicians remove dead tissue and foreign materials from wounds. Dead tissue may be of different colors: black, gray, yellow or white. There are several methods of wound debridement, and mechanical debridement using products with synthetic fibers is one of them.

Mechanical debridement and removal of debris and exudates can be achieved by rubbing the wound with products that have synthetic fibers, such as polyester. Debridement with these products can help prepare the wound for debridement with scalpel or scissors, should your clinician opt to combine methods.

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Is it covered by Medicare Part B?

Debridement is a medical procedure covered by Medicare as long as requirements are met. Among requirements, the wound needs to have devitalized, fibrotic, nonviable tissue, infection, necrosis, foreign matter, and the debridement method used needs to be recognized by Medicare as a proven method, supported by valid scientific literature. Mechanical debridement with fiber-based devices is one of these methods.

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If you have coverage through Medicare Part B, you may be eligible to have this product covered by Medicare if your condition meets Medicare requirements. You will need a written order prescribed by a provider enrolled in Medicare and may need additional documentation, so that you can purchase this product at a Durable Medical Equipment store that accepts Medicare. You will need to pay deductibles and co-payment. The actual co-payment amount varies according to your state. If you do not have Medicare Part B or your condition does not meet the requirements needed for coverage, you can find this product at pharmacies and medical supply stores. When available, please see pricing in "Other Stores" below.

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DescriptionMedicare DME co-payment Min / Max
Surgical supply; miscellaneous $0.00 / $0.00
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