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ACTIV.A.C.™ Therapy Unit, 7.6”W x 6”H x 2.5”D (19.3 x 15.2 x 6.4cm)

ACTIV.A.C.™ Therapy Unit is a portable negative pressure wound therapy system. INTENDED USES: To help patients resume their activities of daily living while still receiving the proven wound healing benefits of V.A.C.® Therapy. Creates an environment that promotes wound healing by facilitating granulation tissue formation. For ambulatory patients. CLAIMED FEATURES: Ergonomic design is lightweight, small, and easy to use. OPTIONS: Size - 7.6”W x 6”H x 2.5”D (19.3 x 15.2 x 6.4cm)

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Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT), with either durable or disposable devices, is a method of wound care to manage wound fluids and help wounds heal. The vacuum assisted drainage collection (i.e., NPWT) may be applied to try to cleanse the wound by removing fluids and stimulate healing.

In NPWT, your clinician will use a device that will apply negative pressure (suction) to the wound. Negative pressure is applied under airtight wound dressings to promote the healing of open wounds resistant to prior treatments.

Durable NPWT devices may operate on rechargeable or disposable batteries, or DC adapter power. These devices are sometimes heavier, larger, and louder due to presence of an electronic pump mechanism.

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