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CELLUTOME™ Harvester, Single-patient use 2.5 x 2.5cm

The CELLUTOME™ System is a skin harvesting device. CLAIMED FEATURES: It can be easily integrated into existing clinical practice. Automated, precise and reproducible process. Minimal pain and donor-site trauma. Comprehensive training from a company representative in less than one hour. Can be performed by any suitably trained physician. Control UnitReusable component of the system. Creates and regulates the suction (negative pressure: -400 to -500mmHg) and warming (37°C to 41°C) required to raise the epidermal microdomes. Vacuum HeadReusable component of the system. Delivers the negative pressure and warming from the Control Unit to the Harvester. OPTIONS: Harvester, Single-patient use 2.5 x 2.5cm

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