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3M™ Steri-Strip™ Elastic Skin Closures 1/2 in.x 4 in./12mmx 100mm 6 closures/envelope

3M Steri-Strip Elastic Skin Closure is an hypoallergenic adhesive skin closure. INTENDED USES: For highly contoured areas where musculoskeletal movement or edema is expected. CLAIMED FEATURES: Sterile, flexible skin closures strips that are made of a porous, non-woven backing coated with a pressure-sensitive, hypoallergenic adhesive. Strips hold the edges of an incision or laceration together yet allow skin movement. This enhances healing through rapid development of wound tensile strength. Breathable, porous, elastic backing can be used on contoured body areas or where bending and movement occur. Comfortable, stays in place despite movement, helps prevent maceration Less scarring when compared to staples or sutures. Enhanced patient comfort and less chance of infection than with sutures or staples. Tan color for a cosmetically pleasing appearance. Eliminates crosshatching and puncture marks for better cosmetic results OPTIONS: 1/2 in.x 4 in./12mmx 100mm 6 closures/envelope

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