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UlcerCARE™ Zippered Unisex Open Toe Knee High Support Sock Size: Large, Leg: Left, Each

UlcerCARE™ Zippered Unisex Open Toe Knee High Support Sock is a gradient compression stocking CLAIMED FEATURES: Zipper and pull in outer stocking assists donning. Provides nominal compression of 40 mmHg. When the medical stocking with the zipper is worn over the compression liner. Promotes normal lifestyle - regular clothing, bathing and footwear. Cost-effective choiceJOBST UlcerCARE minimizes nursing care time per patient, per visit. Easy and convenient to use JOBST UlcerCARE is designed for maximum patient compliance. Ready-to-wear therapeutic gradient compression system. OPTION: Size: Large, Leg: Left, Each

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Compression therapy is one of the most important pillars in the treatment of venous ulcers. Compression therapy can be applied through compression bandages, gradient compression stockings, gradient compression wraps, and tubular dressings. These devices address the cause of venous ulcers, by helping blood to return to the heart from the legs. Compression stockings are sometimes used to treat venous ulcers, as an alternative to compression bandages. Compression stockings should be used continuously after the ulcer has healed, to prevent a new venous ulcer from happening.

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Is it covered by Medicare Part B?

Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers below the knee gradient compression stockings above 30 mmHg of pressure that are considered medically necessary for treatment of a venous ulcer that has been debrided. Medicare has guidelines that establish what is considered medically necessary and how often an item can be used. Gradient compression stockings are non-covered for prevention of venous ulcers.

Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Local Coverage Determination for Surgical Dressings (L33831)

How can I purchase this product?

If you have coverage through Medicare Part B, you may be eligible to have this product covered by Medicare. You will need a written order prescribed by a provider enrolled in Medicare, so that you can purchase this product at a Durable Medical Equipment store that accepts Medicare. You will need to pay deductibles and co-payment. The actual co-payment amount varies according to your state.  If you do not have Medicare Part B or do not meet the requirements needed for coverage, you can find this product at pharmacies and medical supply stores. Please refer to table "Other Stores" below for pricing and suggestions on where to purchase this product "out-of-pocket" (not through insurance). If there are no vendors listed and you would like to have information on suppliers, please email 

The table below shows highest and lowest Medicare pricing across the country
DescriptionMedicare DME co-payment Min / Max
Compression stocking below the knee 40-50mm Hg, each $11.93 / $14.04
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Estimated out-of-pocket cost: $77.11

If your insurance does not cover this product, you can purchase it directly from any store. A list of online stores and prices is provided below for your convenience. For updated prices, find it on the internet at

Other Stores

Amazon$77.11 Inquire vendor Inquire vendor Free with Prime  
* Indicates whether store accepts Medicare or commercial insurance, but may not apply to this specific product. See coding, coverage and reimubursement for more information.
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